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Collection Luxury


Designer mens Luxury Ties in a line Collection of Swogar Wooden Ties. Her recognizable signature is a harmony of lines that move and connect like a Beethoven symphony. The complexity of production and high-quality finish of these designer mens Luxury ties place it them in the highest class of Swogar Wooden Tie Collections. This is really Top of The Top

New Luxury models

Top Finish

Even more sophisticated design, beautiful shapes and wood combinations of designer mens Luxury ties. The harmony of the lines has never been so perfect, and its complex composition and design in general represents the design peak of Luxury Wooden Ties. 

Due to their unique shape and composition, Swogar Wooden Ties in the Luxury Collection receive very special treatment. Each piece of the Swogar Wooden Tie that is part of a large puzzle is specially treated and is part of many hours of manual sanding at different levels and several times of final finishing.

You get what you see

The fashion bloger are talking

The Boutique Workshop of Swogar Wooden Ties Guarantees that what you see in the picture is what you will get. It is only necessary to take into account that the nuances in the wood are unique and unrepeatable, which makes it even more valuable

"Swogar raises the level of Wooden Ties to the highest level due to shape, design and finishing, and with the Luxuru Collection it only confirms this primacy. Therefore, I can say that Swogar is absolutely my favorite designer mens luxury ties."

Designer mens Luxury Ties


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