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Very elegant, unique and superiorly made Wooden Tie SWOGAR

Collection Premium


The Premium mens Ties Collection includes 14 beautiful models of Swogar Wooden Ties, which are characterized by a wide range of shapes, designs and Top Quality Craftsmanship with Premium Finish. By choosing any of them, your Dress Code will become more Sophisticated and take You to another Level. Stand out with our premium mens ties!

Premium for Premium

Swogar Wooden Ties in the Premium mens Ties Collection deserve premium packaging. That's why we developed and designed Wonderful Gift packaging and at the same time will be the safest haven when you won't be using it :)

Long process of work

Each Wooden Tie from the Premium Collection goes through 34 different work processes during its creation, which are spread over approximately 5 working days. Almost 30 of them are the result of manual work, of which the most attention is paid to sanding and final finishing

Magic Nature

The Customers are talking

The most beautiful patterns are drawn by nature itself, which is why the Wooden Ties of the Premium mens Ties  Collection are so unique and therefore not one is the same as the other. It is only up to us to follow the patterns during processing, to connect them, and with the final finish we emphasize them even more.

David: "Since I only saw it through the picture, I was surprised how very light, soft and above all how very bendable it is. It fits my body beautifully and I actually didn't even feel that I was wearing it. The finish is superior, above all else. Couldn't have picked better premium mens ties."

Wooden Premium mens Ties


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