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A young painter dressed in sustainable fashion with a wooden tie around his neck sits thoughtfully on a chair

Collection Trendy


Trendy Ties are our core Collection of Handmade unique Wooden Ties Swogar, which are very popular among young people due to their distinctive shapes. The specialty of Trendy Ties are basic and soft lines, as well as those that are very Unique and Playful. Trendy Ties come to Life with different color Combinations of textiles. If you want to be something special, the wooden ties in the Trendy collection are the right choice for you. Enhance your style with our Trendy Ties. 

Distinct Color Combinations

With the Combination of Colorful textiles, Trendy Wooden Ties especially come to Life and become much more recognizable. However, they do not destroy your outfit, but only upgrade it.

Young people Love them

Due to the combination of Colored textiles and especially the shape and bold design, Trendy Wooden Ties are very popular among the younger population and, of course, all those who feel that way.

The customers are talking

Marta: "I gave the Trendy Wooden Tie to my son, who successfully completed his master's degree. He was extremely happy with the gift. You fulfilled my wish and my expectations, thank you Mr. Bojan."

A tip from fashion designers

Models from the Trendy Wooden Tie Collection are perfect for a more casual fashion style. Wood in itself is already an excellent companion in various fashion styles,  despite everything, he prefers more earthy colors.

Wooden Trendy Tie


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