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  • Where do you get wood for Swogar Wooden Ties?
    Collection Swogar Wooden Ties are made of quality and selected wood, but for their production I choose wood of smaller dimensions, which is not suitable for large carpenters. Such wood would probably go to the incinerator and disappear forever. With our work, we breathe life into him again, making him immortal
  • What kind of wood do you use?
    We use Walnut, Asch, Cherry and Oak wood. Sometimes we also get a piece of Very Special Wood that may once have been part of some important historic Building or Product, but it can also be wood of higher price values. In this case, we produce only a Limited Edition of Wooden Ties made with this wood. You can read more about the wood we use here.
  • How Swogar Wooden Ties are assembled?
    Swogar Wooden Ties are assembled in a very special and innovative way into a sandwich of two pieces of wood and a very special fabric.
  • Can we really use the Swogar Wooden Tie from both sides?
    That's right, thanks to the clever design and wood on both sides, the Swogar Wooden Tie can be used on one side or the other. All that is needed is a small undemanding intervention to make this possible.
  • How flexible are ties?
    Each Swogar Wooden Tie has gone through a lot of testing in design and development. One of them is also the flexibility it has to offer. However, since we are talking about wood as a natural material with which we make patterns in a Wooden Tie, this also means that each one bends differently. To make it easier to understand, we also made a scale of flexibility and a video for each Wooden Tie separately, where you can see its movement.
  • How is a Wooden Tie tied around the neck?
    Wooden ties are attached with a classic adjustable elastic band and a buckle, which is already known from bow ties.
  • How much does a Wooden Tie weigh?
    The weight of the tie depends on the wood, but SWOGAR Premium and Luxury Wooden ties weigh around 87g and SWOGAR Trend around 76g
  • What is the length of the Wooden Tie?
    The length of Swogar Wooden Ties in the Premium and Luxury Collection is 49 cm and 43 cm in the Trendy Collection. Measured from the neck to the end of the tie. The choice for Tie length is selected based on the average Tie lengths sold and is the most universal.
  • How do we take care of a Wooden Tie?
    Although the Swogar Wooden Tie is nicely movable, we must still be careful not to force it to move, as it can be permanently damaged or broken. If it gets wet, it should be wiped with a dry cloth. After use, you can put it back in a Swogar Premium or Cardboard box .
  • How are Swogar Wooden Ties protected?
    Because you can use Swogar Wooden Ties on all occasions, this also means that its safety from external influences depends on where we use it. In order to protect it from various external influences such as water drops, oils, perfumes, deodorants and other elements, we preferred to protect the Swogar Wooden Tie with a very neutral water-based varnish. This way, you can indulge in a party, concert or socializing with friends or colleagues without worrying about what happens to the tie.
  • How long from the order does it take to make a Swogar Wooden Tie?
    We do not stock Swogar Wooden Ties, but we tackle each one separately. With this we want to give a personalized approach to the client. Each Wooden Tie has its own time cycle, which is from 3-5 days.
  • How long is the shipping time?
    Swogar Wooden Ties are sent to you free of charge by the Slovenian national Post office, the shipping time depends on the country and is never more than 5 working days. But if we send the product to you via the GLS service, it takes 2-3 days.
  • What if the Wooden Tie is damaged during shipping?
    All items sent by the GLS logistics service are insured. If you receive a damaged Wooden Tie, send it back to us and we will send you a new one at no extra cost.
  • Can I order a Swogar Wooden Tie with different types of wood on each side?
    Of course it is possible, this is ordered by those who have one tie for two occasions when wearing a dark or light shirt. When ordering, you must write in the box which two types of wood you want.
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