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When word gets out about wood, we have the feeling that we know everything about it. Wood is wood. But in fact, it is not just that. Basically, we have soft and hard wood, wood with more or less pronounced patterns and, of course, wood with different colour shades. In addition, we use wood for various purposes from houses, furniture to jewellery and everything in between. And for each of these purposes, wood needs to be cared for differently. In the offer of SWOGAR Wooden Ties, we have four types of wood Ash, Cherry, Walnut and Oak.


It is an extremely expensive tree type, as it is used to make furniture, sports equipment and handles of demanding tools. This wood is extremely strong but nevertheless elastic. It is one of the brightest native tree types and it has a wonderful growth structure. Very suitable for manual processing, which can be seen after finishing, as the product looks very prestigious with a silky touch.

American walnut gives Swogar wooden ties a wonderful look


Cherry wood is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful, as it has the richest array of shades and colour patterns from all the other tree types. These change over time and become even darker and more beautiful over the years. Cherry wood is classified as a softer tree type, but with the final manual processing, it achieves an extremely beautiful final touch and appearance.

Oak wood is proud and dominant, just as the Swogar wooden ties made of it
The brightest and most luxurious are the Swogar wooden ties made of Ash wood


It is one of the most popular tree types. Its popularity is due to the beautiful colour shades, which are more pronounced in domestic types, such as the American Walnut, which is even darker and its final appearance even more prestigious. Walnut is a very hard tree, which just means that it can be perfectly shaped to its perfect smoothness and softness.

Cherry is a wonderful wood if you want a lively Swogar Wood Tie


Oak is an extremely hard and durable native wood that is highly valued among designers. It is very indistinct in colour with its greyish hue and non-dominant differences between patterns. Nevertheless, it has a wonderful structure and belongs to the wooden types with a lot of character. Therefore, it is especially admired by those who are big nature lovers.


• High quality handmade Wooden Swogar Ties made of wood and connecting fabric need careful care during and after use. Although the Wooden Tie moves easily in all directions, be careful not to force or even fold it, as it can be permanently damaged. 

• We do not keep it in the sun, because the wood can change colour, nor do we leave it in damp rooms, as the wood can deform and fall off. Therefore, it is best to store it back in a Cardboard box or hang it in a dry and dark place after use. Probably a closet. 

• If you happen to make a forced movement with the tie a piece of wood might come off. In that case lightly sand or remove the old glue and re-glue it back with new wood glue. If necessary, coat the wood with some natural oil. 

The sun-kissed collection of Swogar Premium Wooden Ties

All the beauty of wood is combined into Elegant and Unique shapes of SWOGAR Wooden Ties. Have you already chosen yours? Visit our Online store.

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